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The heating and drying applications in palm oil mills is the traditional business for Airvenco, with Nordisk Ventilators and Airvenco brands being synonymous to palm oil mills heating systems. Airvenco is active in this region of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and to a lesser extent, other palm oil growing countries across the world, working through Malaysian consultants and contractors who have diversified overseas leveraging on their experience in this region. Airvenco is the dominant supplier and in most instances, the de facto supplier.


The drying applications for latex gloves was developed by Airvenco from zero base starting early 1990’s. Airvenco introduced the steam and hot water heaters to replace the very expansive and unreliable gas heaters initially used for latex gloves drying. After numerous successes, this business boomed together with the regional latex gloves manufacturing boom late1990’s. Currently, the major market coverage is still Malaysia and Thailand.


This is a new market that Airvenco has developed. With the high petroleum prices, the traditional gas heaters for padi drying in rice mills are ripe for replacement. Airvenco has brought her technology and experience to a couple of rice mills and started initial business in 2006. The success and proof of technical and operation viability together with compelling financial benefits of hot water heaters for padi drying is positioning this market segment as the next growth sector for Airvenco.


Replacement heaters and to a lesser extent, ventilation fans, are regularly required arising from mechanical wear and tear. It is interesting to note that while heating systems are crucial to the factory throughput, their costs are not significant when compared to the total production cost. Therefore, many mills and factory managers are proactively replacing heaters during their maintenance cycle rather than waiting for failure replacement. With the substantial size of installed base for Novenco heaters and heating systems, the replacement market is becoming significant, not just in its higher profit margin, but, also increasing in quantum. Currently, the replacement heaters accounted for about 25% of Airvenco’s revenues.

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